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The Flash, Bang, Wallop Podcast is a monthly show from four friends who are passionate about photography. The show is comprised of Martin Kelly (host), Damien Walmsley, Neil Dodd and Ian Lewis. They cover news, gear and everything photography related including interviewing guests.

The show is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Please like, subscribe, leave a comment, review or get in touch! We would love you hear your thoughts or questions.

Latest show…

Meet the panel…

Got my first SLR when I was 12 and have been striving to get those perfect pictures since then. Love airshows, car events and travel photography. Do a lot of video work as well. Hopefully get my perfect moon shot sometime soon. Really like listening to my three expert colleagues and am always learning. Hosting and putting on the show is a real buzz.

Martin Kelly

I have had a camera of some description for many years but it all really sparked into life 15 years ago capturing live sporting events. It started with rugby and has grown since to include live music, sailing, basketball, waterpolo and in fact any sort of live action events.

That said I still enjoy the escapism of the mountains and their abundance of nature and am blessed to be living in such a beautiful country. Both require planning and thought prior to the event of pushing the button, but capturing the action of a live event has a different feel and you don’t have a second attempt at that moment, it just happens.

Neil Dodd
Damien lives in Solihull near Birmingham and started taking pictures when he was very young. Damien loves documenting the world around him through his photography…

Damien Walmsley

Ian lives in Cornwall and has been into photography since 2002. Ian has a passion for everything outdoors, but is happy experimenting in all forms of photography.

Ian Lewis