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We live in a fortunate world of social media and the internet. In a few clicks or touches on our mobile devices we can be gazing at extraordinary work others have produced without stepping into a gallery. There is of course something to be said for seeing something in print, but the internet provides a great canvas for inspiration. So in this piece I just want to share some of the photographer’s that I admire and inspire me. I think you can always grow and learn as a photographer and there is no better way than looking at other people’s work.

Martin Dolan Photography –


I stumbled across Martin on Twitter and he is an exceptional landscape photographer. In landscape photography we often go ‘wide’ with our lens choices to get as much as that vista in front of us into the scene. However, I don’t think this is necessarily an easy skill. I’m often found scratching my head when I go really wide trying to make the composition work. What I love about Martin’s work is his ability to find foreground interest that fills the frame but doesn’t detract from the rest of the image.

Lee Acaster Photography – https://www.leeacaster.com


Lee is another Twitter discovery for me. What I find incredible about Lee’s work is his incredible tones he achieves in his black and white work. Of course, there is an element of clever post processing but you’ve got to capture the image with a final product in mind at the offset. Lee has un-surprisingly achieved multiple accolades for his work, you must check it out!

Hudson Swan Photography –


Being close to home in Cornwall it’s easy to get inspired by other photographer’s in the area, and Hudson is no exception. Hudson shows incredible dedication shooting all hours of the day. I thought I was an early bird but I have nothing on Hudson. He is also not afraid to get creative with his work.

Gutterflower Images –


Another close to home inspired photographer. Gutterflower images in my opinion is a master of the seascape, but it’s his creative work that really inspires me. Taking a different approach on the normal seascape and turning into something different but still with stacks of emotion. And that is half battle, something difficult to describe but an image lacking emotion will rarely work.

Aaron Jenkin Photography –


Astrophotography is something I am passionate about, but if there is one area of photography that requires all the elements to come together, then it is astrophotography. Having the time, a new moon, clear skies and being willing to not sleep is a lot of variables to go wrong. Aaron’s astro work is breathtaking and being on my doorstep is even more awe-inspiring.

Lucie Averill Photography –


Lucie is another local photographer. I never forget how fortunate I am to live in Cornwall. I have always been constantly fascinated by the coast line here, and Lucie captures amazing images of it. I like to think I have taken the odd okay image of Cornwall’s coast over the years but nothing that captures the mood and atmosphere that Lucie seems to envelop in her images. Another thing I admire about Lucie’s work is her abilityto finish the job. Level horizons, no dust spots, white whites and black blacks. This some picky but many of this things take a good image to ‘great,’ in my opinion.

So grab yourself a coffee, check out this great photographers and sit back and relax. You won’t be disappointed.