Fog in the valleys as seen from Carn Marth


I started walking close to home in a bid to get fit and was pleased to discover that, despite the inclines, I could reach Carn Marth with relative ease and in good time.  As part of this process I was discovering new pathways and routes that would give a me an almost circular walk around Carn Marth and back home. 

I always knew there was beauty at Carn Marth, hence why I chose to walk there . But as I took these regular trips up, the photographer in me was beginning to see photo opportunities. If you’ve ever ventured up Carn Marth you’ll know the far reaching views, but, over time, I was noticing things like seasonal plants and new angles, that perhaps you can only see when you invest time in a place. So sure enough these exercise walks turned into photographic walks. There were scenes I had seen without the camera that I now wanted to capture. 

This for me coincided with the idea of photography ‘projects.’ I’ve found that over time there is only so much shooting you can do without a purpose. So this whole journey has turned into a ‘project.’ My attempt to capture what Carn Marth means to me. 

I jotted down some words in the early days of what Carn Marth means to me: 

Distant views
Windswept trees

My aim was, without restricting myself to these words, to hopefully capture some of their essence but without boundaries. So I like to think there are images that are clearly linked to these words and others that are just because I liked them! 

You’d think repeated walks to the same place would be boring, but due to the exposed nature of Carn Marth there are ever changing conditions. For sure, there have been walks where the camera has remained firmly in the bag. And other times where there has been less walking and more photography. But the amount of wildlife I have seen has been incredible.  From Buzzards to Green Woodpeckers and then coming face to face with a Roe Deer, and not forgetting the changing light, the rain, rainbows, fog, dew, the list goes on. There have been some special, almost magical moments.

I hope you enjoy these images. I’ve enjoyed capturing them and I hope they capture some of the essence that is Carn Marth. I look forward to adding to this collection, the walks will continue.  Thanks for looking.

To the images…