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Over 15 years ago now I picked up my first digital camera and haven’t looked back since. From those early days of point and shoot I’ve become engrossed in all forms of photography. Landscape and the natural world initially captured my imagination with an endless palette of inspiration in Cornwall, but as I have grown as a person and creatively I find myself enjoying all forms of photography.

I don’t find getting up at 4am in the summer as a chore to capture a sunrise, it’s something I look forward to. It’s moments like these that make me realise I have found the right passion in life. And when I’m not on the coast of Cornwall I’m never too far away from my camera shooting wildlife, still life, portraiture and even weddings. Anything where I can ‘create’ an image I’m in the right place. I enjoy sharing my passion for photography and have been an active member and contributor to my local camera club for several years now.

So whether it’s a landscape to hang on your wall, a family photoshoot or even your big day you can be sure it’s my heart and soul going into the work because it’s what I love doing!

Please feel free to wander this website. I have chosen a small selection of my work to display here, I hope you enjoy as much as I did making. If you have any specific needs or even want to book me for something you have in mind then please feel free to use the ‘contact’ button.  I post regularly to Instagram and Twitter of which the links can be found on this site.

Hope you enjoy,

Portrait of Ian Lewis
– 1st Runner-up South West Coast Path Photographer of the Year 2019
– Carnkie Camera Club Photographer of the Year 2019
– Week 20 winner in the sharemondays2019 book
– Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 – Shortlisted
– Close Up Photographer of the Year 2021 – Shortlisted in the Manmade Category
– Carnkie Camera Club Photographer of the Year 2021
Close-up Photographer of the Year 2021