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A selection of some of my work. For my latest images please see Instagram or my Facebook Page.

Astro – a selection of night sky images. I find space fascinating, a simple reminder of our place in the universe.

Creative – whilst I mostly feel at ‘home’ with outdoor photography, my membership with camera clubs allows me to try new things.

Intimate Landscape – I started my photography journey like most, capturing the ‘big vista’ and the big scene in front of me. As my photography as grown, I increasingly find myself looking for the details in the landscape, which for me personally is often more rewarding.

Landscape – the landscape and how light interacts with the land will always be a constant fascination and source of inspiration.

Macro – A challenging aspect of photography, but one that seems to open up a new world of possibilities in a way that we not use to seeing the world around us.

Flora – not just pretty flowers, but definitely plant related.

Wildlife – I’ve always been interested in the natural world, but my discovery of Carn Marth really stoked my passion for wildlife photography, and inspired my first self published zine.

All images are © Copyright of Ian Lewis