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Nothing beats being out with the camera and capturing some images, but I’ve found over the years the rigmarole of going to ‘X’ location and capturing a sunrise or sunset to be less fulfilling.  Sure, sharing said images on social media and getting a few likes is nice but the novelty soon wears off.  One important aspect of my photography is my camera club.  The weekly themes and monthly competitions we get involved in give me a sense of purpose to shoot.  And having an idea and trying to execute can be challenging and sometimes rewarding.  Taking this a step further I’ve found subjects that interest me and turned these into ‘projects.’  The only person I’m aiming to satisfy is myself.  No pressure to get ‘likes’ or do well in a competition.  Just me and the camera but with a purpose.

This page will hold projects new and old.  The problem I seem to face now is having a few ideas and not having the time to fit them all in!  But I guess that is a good place to be.  Hope you enjoy checking out these projects and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

CORNWALL AT SUNDOWN – This was my first ambitious time-lapse project.  

A NEW DAY IN CORNWALL – My second ambitious time-lapse project.  Once you’ve sunset, it seemed natural to do sunrise!