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Can you have one thing without the other?  It’s a random question to ask I know, and it all depends what those things are of course.  For me they are ‘personal and work life’ and ‘photography.’  I would love the photography to be the work life, but we’re not there… yet.  One day maybe.  At the moment these two things I try to separate, with photography often being my escape from the ‘other stuff.’  

Yet of course, you can’t truly separate these things.  One thing influences the other and visa-versa, you can’t just switch things off.  Finding a balance can be tricky.  I’ve lost a certain amount of drive to achieve some ideas I have in photography, which has coincided with the ‘other stuff’ taking a lot more of my headspace.  Then there are the shorter days and frankly awful weather we have had lately.  

I don’t feel I have lost my mojo, I still want to shoot.  However I’m not throwing myself at ideas I want to execute.  Something is holding me back, a feeling of not being able to give it 100%.  I don’t believe in forcing the issue either, this normally culminates in mediocre results.  Instead I’ve somehow got to tidy up the ‘other stuff’ and clear some headspace for photography and hope the balance the returns soon.