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WHY 365?

A few years back I embarked on a ‘365’ project.  The idea of taking a photo each and every day.  I successfully completed it but at times it felt like a chore, scrambling late at night to get a shot.  At the time I thought I was making it easier for myself by only using my phone, but perhaps I was just limiting myself? 

So despite the challenges that a 365 project brings I’ve embarked on it again this year, with the caveat that I can use either the ‘big boy’ camera or my phone.  But why a 365 project anyway?

There are a few good reasons I’ve found for me personally.  At a very simple level it becomes a photographic diary of the year, sometimes not always good but something to look back at in the years to come.  Photography doesn’t have to be technical, but being familiar with your camera and settings can pay dividends when the moment arises.  I can comfortably change camera settings keeping my camera to the eyepiece, and locating the correct buttons by feel.  The idea of having to get a shot has me constantly looking throughout the day, and perhaps has the unexpected benefit of seeing things I would have otherwise ignored?

But ultimately it helps drive me to get out with the camera.  Despite what can be difficult months for photography with the short days, I’ve had a productive start to the year.  

You can follow my 365 journey on Instagram @ianlewisuk