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It’s been awhile since I’ve completed an AA 50 Walks of Cornwall walk.  It’s been a really busy summer here in Cornwall with staycations so a part of me has wanted to avoid parts of Cornwall.  Even with the schools returning I couldn’t help feel some apprehension about completing one of these walks and for sure there was still more traffic on the roads compared to normal for this time of year.  Another part of the apprehension came from knowing I would have to travel a little further and still squeeze a walk in-between school runs.  This is because I have completed a lot of the closer to home walks.

Just over 5 miles covered

However with good weather forecasted and the chance to discover new locations I set off towards Gorran Haven.  Whilst I have been to Gorran Haven previously I have not explored Dodman Point or any of the surrounding coast path.  I chose to park at the National Trust car park at Penare which meant heading across fields towards Gorran Haven and very few photo opportunities.  Whilst the beach and harbour are stunning at Gorran Haven I was conscientious of the ground I needed to cover in the time I had so quickly headed up on to the coast path.  The steep incline with stunning views over Gorran Haven did not disappoint but the sun felt more like a hot August day rather than September!  

Looking back down at Gorran Haven from the steep coast path

A short distance along the coast path presented one of the highlights of the walk and great views of Vault Beach.  This was completely new to me and the views were breathtaking.  Again, keeping an eye on the time I did not venture on the beach but continued along the walk as guided along the coast path.  The views looking back towards Vault Beach were equally stunning from this direction.

The stunning Vault Beach as approached from Gorran Haven
Vault Beach looking back

Dodman Point was the next milestone on the walk and the views from here did not disappoint, if not difficult to truly capture in camera.  The views stretched for miles down the coast.  Just passed Dodman Point I took my first detour attracted by a group of stunning windswept Hawthorn trees.  The rest of the walk between fields and back to my starting point.  Just over 5 miles covered in total, and back to the car with plenty of time, which has given me a benchmark of what is possible between the school runs for future walks.

Stunning views from Dodman Point
Windswept Hawthorns and walkers just past Dodman Point