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Last year I started running to get fit.  I felt great until I got a baker’s cyst and my leg swelled up like a balloon.  I’ve started feeling unfit and lethargic again so in a bid to get healthy I’ve started doing some serious walking. Four to five miles at a time at a decent pace, and feeling better for it already.  Normally it is just me, earphones and decent podcast.  But one of the almost unexpected side affects, whilst I try to find new routes and explore is finding interesting subjects.  So the photographer in me is mentally recording possible shots to come back to another time.

A couple of weeks ago the camera went with me and I was fortunate to see Buzzards and butterflies, as well as a couple of pre-conceived shots I had in mind.  The only downside to carrying and stopping for photography is my pace goes out the window!  

My local and regular walk is turning into Carn Marth, with a good elevation it gets the heart rate going and the views are spectacular.  I’m thinking this might be start of a collection focusing on this beautiful area.

A few images from my walk up Carn Marth…

Carn Brea and Wheal Uny
Distant Carn Brea and Wheal Uny mines


Hawthorn Tree
Windswept Hawthorn


Small Tortoiseshell butterfly
Small Tortoiseshell


Buzzard hunting


Speckled Wood butterfly
Speckled Wood


Derelict property


Wheal Uny
Wheal Uny mines