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I recently had the pleasure of capturing Jackie and Martin’s wedding day in Long Marston, Hertfordshire.  It’s not a place I’ve been before and the 600 mile round trip from Cornwall took some planning!  It is a beautiful village and with the church in walking distance of the wedding breakfast the logistics of the day were straight forward.  As a photographer I have to say Jackie and Martin had a relaxed approach to the day with proceedings not starting to the afternoon it gave me time to work out logistics and plan shots in my head.  As a photographer you are always hoping for moments to capture, of course on a wedding day there are plenty of these but on this occasion there were many surprises.  Singing, surprise guests, and gifts all of which kept me on my toes but have me the chance to capture some wonderful moments!  

Guests gathering before the ceremony, an opportunity for candids
Mother of the Bride
Thought provoking moment during the ceremony
There was plenty of happiness and laughter throughout the day
Bride and Groom sharing a moment
Making an exit
Say cheese!
After the ceremony
Laughter all round
Surprise visitor
Tears of joy
Embarrassment of the speeches!
A day for all ages
Time to let your hair down!
Shall we share it?
Bust a move!
First dance