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If this year has taught me anything, it is that things can change over night.  When I set out last year on my AA 50 walks of Cornwall book, I would have thought by now I would be some way through completing a good majority of the walks.  However, lockdown put an end to that.  So when some normality returned last week I could not wait to get back out there.  Like many places in the book I have been to Zennor before but not really explored the surrounding coast path. I woke to some thick fog, but after months of not being able to get out, my thought process was to go anyway. The worst that could happen was I would have a good walk and the camera would stay in the bag.

Stunning views, even in the fog

Even after completing the school run and driving to Zennor the fog was still pretty thick on my arrival.  From the car park it was a little walk out to the coast with no real photo opportunities. The first part of the walk was around Zennor head, and to my surprise the views even in the fog were spectacular. Sometimes this time of year the coast can look kind of bland, with all the wild flowers dying off and everything going a brown mush. However the sea colour was still inviting and the fog adding some atmosphere. The first part of the walk was a short-ish circular walk around Zennor head and the views did not disappoint. The walk overall was only 3.5 miles. I thought I would ease myself back in gently. What I did not factor in was the up and down nature of the walk!

Autumn bracken colours

Despite the lack of colour from the summer flowers some of the bracken was starting to turn wonderful yellows and browns. The walk quickly turned it’s attention towards gurnards head, with great views down to the coves below the headland. I wasn’t quite prepared for the spectacular views towards Gurnard’s head. It is not a view from this area of the coast path I have seen before.  I spent some time here and could have spent longer with the camera. It is definitely an area I wish to return to.  The rest of the walk consisted of walking back across the fields, and to my surprise was back into Zennorr by lunchtime.

There were plenty of inclines involved!
Fantastic views towards Gurnard’s Head