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There is no pleasing some photographers (myself included).  During the summer months you’ll hear things like ‘everything is just green,’ or ‘sunrise is far too early.’  And now we seem to be entering a period of unsettled weather, strong rains and strong winds.  I find this particular transition a difficult one, because whilst it might be possible to find some autumn colour, the shorter days now seem to be the barrier.  In my madness I would happily get up early in the summer and go to work afterwards, but now there is not enough time.  To make things worse… it won’t be long before I’m leaving work in the dark.  

These thoughts came about when trying to compile a Cornwall 2021 calendar, which has become somewhat of a yearly tradition.  For the first time in forever I’ve resorted to finding images from 2019 to complete the calendar.  Traditionally next years calendar I would try to fill with images taken this year.  It is with regret that I cannot put my hand to 12 (good) landscape images taken within this year.  But then, it is has been rather an exceptional year.  Ironically I have shot as much this year as any other year (so far), but predominantly wildlife or the occasional indoor ‘lockdown’ project.  And whilst some of these images are some of my favourite they are not ‘pretty’ images of Cornwall that people want on their walls.

Whilst the year is far from over, I fear the dark dank days are with us. I will just try to be grateful for when I can get out.  In 2021 I will make more effort to shot 12 calendar worthy landscapes…