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I left home with glorious blue skies to find cloud at The Lizard.  In fact I resorted to my coat and woolly hat as I sat off for another AA 50 Walks of Cornwall adventure.  I hadn’t taken a lot of notice of what I would be covering on this walk, so it was a nice surprise to read the first instructions telling me to head for Kynance Cove.  I remember seeing the map and thinking I would be presented with views of Kynance Cove but it was a nice surprise to see I’d be venturing as far as the beach itself.  

The walk between The Lizard and Kynance was pleasant but didn’t offer many photo opportunities, but what it did allow was time for the cloud to start to break.  The route took me around a high point above Kynance Cove before descending down onto the beach and I found myself spending a lot of time admiring the view and taking photos, especially as the sun was starting to break through the clouds.  I found myself clock watching thinking I must actually do some walking!  Once I reached the beach I was in familiar territory and knew the route I needed to take to get back up onto the coast path and back towards Lizard point.

One of the first shots I took was a panorama. As panoramas don’t always display great I created this short video.

Whilst Kynance wasn’t new ground for me the views on approach were and as I head towards Lizard point I was treated to great views looking back at Kynance.  At this point the cloud was almost gone and Kynance was basking in sunshine.  I found myself with the tripod out again and probably spending too long in one spot!

Kynance Cove, Cornwall
Looking back at Kynance Cove

The next stretch was all new ground for me covering Pentreath and eventually onto Lizard point.  The views were spectacular and a nice surprise was turning the corner to be presented with Lizard point and the infamous lifeboat station.  I have visited The Lizard many times but this view looking back was new to me and a rather splendid view point.  I took the chance to sit at Lizard point and eat my lunch.  One thing that did surprise me was just how busy with people it still was, and even on the coast path there many points of socially distancing and waiting for people to pass.  Cornwall has certainly been making up for the lack of tourism during lockdown ever since. 

Pentreath Beach, Cornwall
Bench with a view. Looking back towards Pentreath and Kynance Cove
The Lizard Point
The view looking towards The Lizard Point was a nice surprise

Next was onto Housel Bay, again covering new ground and passing Lizard lighthouse.  At this point I could tell I had turned a corner as the wind was very strong from here all the way to Church Cove where the walk would eventually take me back in land.  Housel Bay was beautiful as well as Bass Point and passing the Lizard Wireless signal station.  I did find myself watching the time at this point and conscious of needing to get back for the school run.  I was certainly paying the price for the earlier time spent with the camera!  I passed more new ground with the new lifeboat station near Church Cove.  I’m sure there is a photograph to be had here but at the time it was in the shade of the surrounding cliffs.  

Lizard Lighthouse
The Lizard Lighthouse

Lastly the walk went quickly in land from Church Cove and back into the Lizard village.  Much like the start of the walk there were very few photo opportunities but at this point I was whacked.  At 7 miles and with some steep elevation this walk was undoubtedly the hardest yet from the book.  However, it was totally worth it, with some of the best views.  I would imagine some of these views would look great in the spring as the coastal flowers start to emerge.