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The day before lockdown 2.0.  There has been some debate amongst photographers in terms of what do the new rules allow?  It is clear recreation is allowed, but how far can you travel for that recreation?  With our second lockdown pending I didn’t feel it was right to travel too far for my next instalment of ‘AA 50 Walks of Cornwall.’  So ventured to familiar ground at Mawnan Smith.

I have covered much of this walk before so I wasn’t expecting too much from this walk, but it still held some nice surprises.  With the walk starting at Mawnan church the first surprise was the wonderful view over Rosemullion Head.  I have been to this spot before but on this particular day it was glorious blue skies and the visibility meant you could see to St. Antony’s lighthouse and beyond.  It was a great start to the walk with camera already out of the bag.  The walk then covered very familiar territory walking back towards the Helford estuary and Mawnan.  The view as you come back down the hill from Mawnan Shear looking towards Grebe Beach is simply spectacular.  

The walk then covered new ground for me as it followed the valley from Porth Saxon up to the village of Mawnan.  It was a pleasant walk but offered very few photo opportunities.  The walk then took me back to familiar ground down Nansidwell to Bream Cove.  The last stretch of the walk was new ground for me and the views did not disappoint.  The final hurdle involved walking around Rosemullion Head and back up to the starting point at Mawnan Church.  I have not walked around Rosemullion Head before and whilst it wasn’t a particularly long walk the views back towards Bream Cove and across Falmouth Bay were awesome.

The weather since has not inspired me to complete any more of the walks and in the spirit of the restrictions it doesn’t feel right to travel too far at the moment.  I hope to get back out there again soon…