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I did this walk a few weeks ago now but have lacked the motivation to share any of the images or write about the walk.  The weather has been so poor lately that getting out to do these walks has been nearly impossible.  I can’t wait to get out again soon, I’m definitely feeling the winter blues at the minute.  Even on this walk whilst I was lucky with the weather the fields and coast paths were very muddy and saturated.  I have been to Bedruthan many times and it is a great location.  I wasn’t expecting to discover anything new so to come across Porth Meor cove was a real highlight of the walk.  The tide was high at the time so definitely a location to return to.  This is an aspect that I am really enjoying about these walks is discovering new places and getting inspiration for photos that I can return to.

Map of circular walk around Bedruthan Steps
A straight forward route from the main car park at Bedruthan Steps

I was somewhat dumbfounded to arrive at Bedruthan car park and find no one there!  It wasn’t particularly early in the morning as I had dropped the kids off to school and made the journey up the coast, so I was surprised to find no one else there, especially with the sun shining.  Even though the cafe is closed this time of year the views are spectacular so I was almost certain a few people were around.  I did see a few people whilst out walking but it was very quiet, a reminder of the aforementioned wet path conditions.  It was a nice reminder however of Cornwall ‘out of season.’  A place seemingly buzzing and almost over-crowded in the summer can become almost deserted.  It is a real treat to enjoy these places when it’s like this.

Bedruthan Steps
Some lovely waves rolling in

The walk itself was really straight forward to follow mostly following the coast path along Bedruthan Steps and making an inland route through the valley down to Porth Meor before making the ascent back up to Park Head and back long the coast path to return to the car park.  The camera almost immediately came out that bag that day as it is hard to resist the view along the coast looking down on the ‘steps,’ especially whilst the sun was shining.  There was a strong wind blowing as well so the waves rolling in were quite spectacular.  Combined with a high tide the waves were really crashing into the stacks.  Reaching Porth Meor with distant views along the coast and towards Trevose Head was a real highlight and totally unexpected as it’s not an area I have ever explored before.  With the high tide it was difficult to explore the cove which probably wasn’t a bad thing as I kept one eye on the clock.  Returning back along the coast path I wish I’d had a longer lens as the spray from the waves hitting the steps was blowing right up the cliffs and being illuminated by the sun.  Quite a sight that I could only take a moment to enjoy rather than capture in camera.

Bedruthan Steps
Classic view of the ‘steps’ from above the stair case leading down to the beach

Here is to hoping for some better weather soon.  Father Christmas brought me a new camera bag and a circular walks in Cornwall book so I can’t wait to do some more exploring.

Bedruthan Steps
Some nice light and waves whilst walking back
Park Head
A nice moment of light on the way back looking along Park Head